A DEMENTIA nurse has applauded a group of women in Kelty for their ongoing goodwill gestures to those in need.

The Times has told you recently that Kelty and District Loving Hands routinely donate a range of crafted items.

In March this year, the initiative handed over lovingly-stitched heart-shaped pillows to help those recovering from breast cancer and mastectomies.

They have continued to gift a range of items since then, and in 2021 they gave away 1,360 pillows to hospitals across Scotland.

And just last week, one of the group’s members, Sheila, visited Kirkcaldy's Victoria Hospital with a large donation.

She came with goodies in the form of 30 twiddle muffs and bags for patients with dementia.

Furthermore, she was able to go onto the maternity unit to give the staff 58 baby hats, 12 incubator blankets, three sets of bonding squares, three baby blankets and 47 cardigans.

Helen Skinner, a dementia nurse specialist at the hospital, sent a letter in appreciation of the gesture.

She wrote: “Dear Sheila, thanks so much for coming in today to deliver the knitting.

“I’m glad you have had the opportunity to meet with staff who love receiving the items!

“Please pass my sincere thanks to the Kelty and District Loving Hands group - we really do appreciate the time, effort and resources that go into making the items.

“The twiddle muffs and twiddle handbags are so therapeutic for people with dementia. And the baby items are just delightful and so lovely they can be shared with new babies and parents!

“Thank you so much for everything you and the group do!”