A FUNDRAISER in memory of Kelty twin sisters who died from sepsis within a year has raised £2,183 to help fund research into the deadly disease.

The Rave For Sepsis Bingo took place in Wee Jimmies in Cowdenbeath last Saturday evening and included a fun night of dancing, dabbing and dance offs.

The event follows the death of Emily Ireland, who died aged just 59 on January 7, 2017, and her twin sister, Jeanie Cook, who also lost her life to the disease 11 months later.

Since their deaths, Emily’s daughter, Donna McFarlane, her brother Thomas Wilson and cousin Owen Cook, Jeanie’s son, have raised more than £16,000 in the name of their much-loved mums and aunts.

Donna was delighted with the evening’s success.

“We would like to thank everyone who supported our event, we are truly humbled by everyone’s support and generosity.

"Sepsis Research are hoping to discover specific genes that influence how vulnerable we are to sepsis. This valuable research will save lives.”