ENLIGHTENING conversations were had as Andy's Man Club volunteers spoke to the community at the weekend.

Members of the group hosted a stall on Cowdenbeath's High Street on Saturday as part of an effort to raise awareness and encourage other men to step forward for their own wellbeing.

James Scade, who helped launch the Cowdenbeath branch and is one of the facilitators, told the Times it was a great success, with some players from Cowdenbeath Football Club also stepping forward to help.

He said: "We had fantastic weather and some really great conversations with members of the community who have someone close to them who is struggling and they were just looking for a bit of advice as to how we could assist that individual.

"We were joined by some of the first team squad/staff from Cowdenbeath which was fantastic and they took part in the activities we had arranged.

"The Forty Twa Cafe also deserve endless amounts of praise for the assistance they continue to give the club. They kindly opened their doors on a previous bank holiday for the lads to go in and have that safe space to speak, and on Saturday they provided the gents on the stall with some fantastic food and drinks.

"Councillor Darren Watt attended too, and it was good to engage with him again to keep the relationship between the club and the community at the forefront."

James is delighted that the club continues to grow, but reiterated that anyone struggling can walk through the doors and know they are in a safe space to either open up or simply listen.

"I realise that with many men who have heard about Andy's Man Club and want to go, the main issue facing those men and that have faced all those who have made that step is that very first night," he said.

"Coming through that door for the first time is the most daunting feeling to some and I completely get it as I was there myself.

"All I can say to those men is making that step is the hardest thing you'll do but it will also be one of the best decisions you make."

The club has also received a wealth of support from the community in recent months.

"Our club has been blessed with the backing of local businesses to give the guys activities to keep them busy till the following Monday," James said.

"We have five-a-sides provided by Beath High School, morning breakfast club by Forty Twa Cafe, and recently an hour's boxing provided very kindly by Beath Boxing Club.

"I speak for all the fellas when I say we are extremely grateful for the support we're being given by the local community and we will continue to engage to help each other as that's the main thing we have to do."

Andy's Man Club Cowdenbeath meets every Monday night at 7pm (excluding bank holidays) at Central Park.