A FUNDRAISER in memory of Kelty twin sisters who died from sepsis within a year of each other will take place this weekend.

Rave for Sepsis will host a Ravers' Bingo in Wee Jimmies in Cowdenbeath on Saturday to help raise funds and awareness of the deadly condition.

The event follows the death of Emily Ireland who died aged just 59 on January 7, 2017 and her twin sister, Jeanie Cook, who also lost her life to the disease 11 months later.

Since their deaths, Emily's daughter Donna McFarlane, her brother Thomas Wilson and cousin Owen Cook, Jeanie's son, have raised over £16,000 in the name of their much loved mums and aunts.

"When I lost my mum, it was just me and my brother doing the fundraising then my cousin experienced his own loss in December so it was the three of us," explained Donna.

"It is not a good experience we have gone through but raising awareness for sepsis has helped. Even if you can just save one life by recognising the signs.

"We put cards out at the charity event just so people are aware.

"I work at Fife College and recently had some members of staff come up to me and say I have never heard of sepsis and I don't know what the signs are.

"You need to be fast. The charity, Sepsis Research, are quite crucial about talking about the golden hour and I believe that is vital. If the signs are spotted, it can be picked up so easily just with a blood test."

Sepsis is caused when the body’s response to an infection damages its own tissues and organs. It must be treated immediately if there is any chance of survival.

Donna said the illness is under-recognised and poorly understood due to persistent confusion about its definition among patients and healthcare providers.

She continued: "Sepsis should be treated like a heart attack and there should be a dedicated A&E sepsis team in every hospital across the UK."

Saturday's event will include fun packed games of bingo and dance offs.

Ticket holders can expect everything from eighties and nineties tunes to clubland classics in a unique edition of Bingo Rave.

"I was at one of them a month or so ago – I had never been to anything like it before I was expecting it to be hard core music but it is from all eras," added Donna. "It is a good laugh."

Tickets for the night are £12 and can be obtained by contacting Donna, Thomas or Owen through Facebook or by calling Donna on 07825 108184.