THE Cowdenbeath-sponsored project to create a vocational education centre in the Eldorit community, in Kenya, is making very good progress.

Cowdenbeath Rotary Club raised the £7,200 needed to build a facility to allow pupils at the Shalom school to learn about carpentry and making clothes.

Construction work at the site was able to commence two months ago.

And the club’s recent meeting heard that the foundations had been laid and the walls were starting to go up.

International convener, Tom Russell, explained that project leaders in Eldorit had sent photographs of the work progressing and added: “The progress in a few weeks is really amazing and the vocational centre is on target to be ready to open next spring.”

The club pledged to raise funds to build a Vocational Education Centre in the community township of the Eldorit district, in Kenya, after a Zoom meeting between a club member and a local minister.

Hank John, the club member who has been co-ordinating the project explained that while the target of £7,200 may have not sounded a massive sum in UK terms, it would allow a sizeable building to be built at Shalom, which does not have a lot of facilities.

He said: “The buildings the school is housed in are rather inadequate, and it was felt, in discussion with local minister, Pastor Joseph, that we could perhaps help a new education centre building to be created.

“There are 120 pupils taught at Shalom, by 12 teachers, and it was thought that a vocational centre teaching things like carpentry and sewing and tailoring, along with a kitchen, would be a massive boost to the pupils and staff.”

The rotary club members were delighted to see the progress being made and are now looking forward to seeing it finished bang on schedule.