A 'PRICELESS' piece of local golf history is missing and the club it belongs to is desperate to have it returned.

The Memorial Shield is one of Auchterderran Golf Club's most precious and historic trophies but it has not been seen for years.

An appeal has now been launched in the hopes that it can be brought back to the club.

Brian Robinson, a club member who won the trophy himself in the 1980's, is leading the effort to relocate the shield.

"It's priceless to the club", he said.

"Money can't replace this. The shield was donated and played for since the 1920's to honour the members of the club who played in the war.

"It can't be missed. It's a large trophy and it was joked that you would need a wheelbarrow with you to receive it.

"It's a mystery as to where it is. It could be the case that a previous winner has passed away and it's been in their home, or it could have been lost somewhere else.

"It's rightful place is in the clubhouse, and the club really want it back."

It is not known when it went missing - there are suggestions it could have been in 2018 or 2019 -, but the club has promised that there will be no repercussions for anyone who either brings it back or informs members where it can be found.

Unfortunately, there are no images of the trophy available, but it has been described as 2ft tall and 18 inches wide.

In addition to the Memorial Shield, handwritten club minutes are also missing from the clubhouse.

"Our entire archive from 1904 - 2005 remains missing," the club said.

"If you have the books in your possession or know who does, please contact Barry at the club, via email: auchterderrangc@gmail.com or by messaging via the Facebook page.

"No questions will be asked and your privacy is assured.

"We are doing everything we can to trace them."

If anyone does have information regarding either the missing shield or club minutes, but would prefer not to speak/contact the club directly, they can instead contact the Times via email.

You can state where it/they are located, and your name will be withheld when the Times contacts the golf club.

Please email either: editorial@centralfifetimes.co.uk, or the editor, Ieuan Williams, via: ieuan.williams@newsquest.co.uk