A FIRE set by vandals has devastated a roundhouse built by volunteers at Lochore Meadows.

The building, which is used by Outdoor Education Fife for learning activities was burnt down and "destroyed" on Tod Island on Monday.

They posted online: "The roundhouse was built by the outdoor education team and local volunteers many years ago and has been integral to our outdoor learning activities that we deliver including bushcraft and teambuilding sessions and used by thousands of young people over the years.

"Unfortunately we have had more and more irresponsible behaviour over the last two years with people accessing the island and vandalising our camp set-up including burning our log store and kitchen and defecating around the camp.

"It's is very disappointing that this has now happened and leaves us feeling sad, angry and disillusioned."

The team have "vowed" to replace the structure after the summer period.

"Once we get through our busy summer period we have vowed that we will find a way to build it back bigger and better so that future generations of young people that come through the centre can experience the quality outdoor learning activities that we strive to deliver at Outdoor Education Fife," the page said.