A 'BIBLICAL' scene was witnessed by many at the Meedies as 'thousands' of frogs made their way along the Fife Pilgrim Way path.

Ross Cunningham was out for a walk at sunset when he discovered the incredible sight, and shared the above video on social media.

He suggested there may have been "thousands of tiny (I'm assuming baby) frogs" on the pathway.

Speaking to the Times, he said: "I was just going for a walk before sunset around Lochore Meadows and came across them all.

"It was pretty amazing to see thousands and thousands of wee frogs at the same time, all crawling or leaping in whatever the direction they were going!

"I was doing my best to warn people who were walking past not to step on them as it would be easy not to see them at first being so small.

"I stayed for a few minutes to watch them. I couldn't get over how many there were.

"A couple of passers-by described it as 'biblical'!"