A SMALL dog in a 'sorry state' was found in a Crosshill garden as wardens urge owners to not let their four-legged friends 'suffer'.

Safer Communities Fife posted on social media photos of a distressed 'little lady', now known as Indi.

A dog warden collected her after receiving a report that she had been found wandering into a local garden.

"She had extremely poor dental hygiene, bad skin and was in a sorry state," the page said.

"The dog warden collected her, and she was taken to the vet who provided her with medication.

"She was scanned, but unfortunately did not have a microchip.

"The SSPCA were also phoned, but because no-one has come forward to claim her, and there has been no information received to give us any hints of who the dog might belong to, or where it came from, the SSPCA cannot prosecute.

"We would just like to stress that no dog should be left to suffer, and if you are struggling to cope with your dog's needs through financial strains etc, then please know that help is available."

Services available include PSDA, which is UK-wide and can help with the costs of certain individuals - https://www.pdsa.org.uk/

For cheaper neutering, dog owners in Scotland can use Dog Aid Society of Scotland, which provides neutering vouchers for dog owners on low incomes.