A COWDENBEATH man smashed windows in his home and used pieces of broken glass to slash his wrist.

Barry Laidlaw, 47, had barricaded himself in his house and threw a shard of glass at a police officer who was handing him some water.

The disturbance, in the early hours of the morning, went on for several hours and police reinforcements, including dog-handlers and negotiators, had to be called in.

Officers had been sent to the house after Laidlaw claimed falsely there were intruders in his home.

Laidlaw, of Pretoria Place, was jailed when he appeared from custody at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on June 12, at his home, he punched a window, threw items around, acted aggressively towards police officers, threw objects at the officers, struck a window with a hammer, self-harmed using a shard of glass, refused to desist, barricaded himself within the property and blocked entry to police.

He also admitted that he assaulted a police officer by throwing broken glass towards him.

Depute fiscal Jill Currie said Laidlaw had called his aunt in the early hours of the morning, telling her people had come into his home and she reported the matter to the police.

Officers arrived at around 2am and when they tried to go in, they found Laidlaw had barricaded himself in the living room.

He was told they were only there to check on his welfare but Laidlaw started smashing things up, then appeared at a window where he punched a pane of glass, breaking it.

He injured himself and was bleeding but then used a hammer to smash more glass in the windows.

At 2.30am, more officers arrived, but Laidlaw’s erratic behaviour continued. He used broken glass to cut his wrist and arm, squeezing the wounds to make them bleed profusely.

By 4am, further police officers had arrived and they finally forced entry to the living room.

Laidlaw was taken to the Victoria Hospital but refused medical treatment.

Defence solicitor Stephen Morrison said his client still had gaping wounds and was told by medical staff that there was a serious risk of infection.

Sheriff Charles Macnair jailed Laidlaw for six months.

Laidlaw reacted by shouting, swearing and being abusive towards the sheriff as he was taken back to the cells.