A MUM and her baby were nearly hit by a car in the Cardenden and Bowhill area as parking issues cause hazards to pedestrians.

Cllr Rosemary Liewald raised the issue with Fife Council following the scare that Katie Stevenson had by the Co-op on Station Road.

"Katy's baby was almost hit by a car coming from the car park behind the Co-op, as her sight was obscured by a van parked on double yellow lines outside the bakery (Bayne's).

"This is a repeated occurrence throughout the day particularly in the morning rush-hour and lunchtime which I observed for myself."

Following the incident and after contact with Fife Council's transportation department in recent months, Cllr Liewald was pleased to hear that measures would now be taken in the interest of safety.

She explained: "The double yellow lines will be repainted and this will highlight the area for drivers, and that this is not a permitted parking area.

"Additional signage will be placed at the entrance to the car park letting drivers know that there is parking at the Bowhill Pool which is 100 yards along the road and at the Bowling Club which is 100 yards in the other direction. I truly welcome this work.

"Our community traffic police have also said that the area around the shops will be targeted for some time in the hope that just a simple conversation will deter drivers from jumping out of cars on the double yellow as they will run the risk of being ticketed. A (PCN) Penalty Charge Notice can be up to £70 and with the cost of living crisis looming no one needs this.

"My hope is that this will go some way to highlighting the really serious aspect of what may happen firstly in terms of an accident and secondly the PCN which unfortunately may be slapped on the windscreen of cars.

"I have additionally spoken to the staff in each of the shops around the area and they have agreed to make a concerted effort in asking drivers who do jump out of these cars at the shops to please move their vehicles from the double yellow lines."

Fife Council confirmed that the waiting restriction markings would be given a fresh lick of paint, and that additional signage was being considered.

Martin Kingham, Service Manager – Roads Network Management, said: “Following concerns raised, we’ve now arranged for the waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) to be repainted to remind drivers that they mustn’t park in these areas.

"We’re also looking into putting up additional signs to highlight that parking is available 100 yards away."