TWO Highland dancing sisters who performed for the Queen in front of a watching TV audience of millions described it as a "once in a lifetime experience".

Sinead and Elisha Scobie, from the Sarah Hendry School of Dance which runs classes at the Benarty Centre, were also denied access by the Rocketman, pictured by a bearded lady and bowled over in the wake of the "big massive dress" of a Welsh songbird.

The sister act danced at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, an equestrian competition by day with entertainment from around the world at night, which was the first celebration for Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee.

Sinead, 25, told the Times: "It was a once in a lifetime experience. Getting to dance on the esplanade in front of the Queen and everyone in the audience was a pretty incredible experience.

"And because the last night was televised we were able to watch it back too.

"The arena was set up like a rectangle so the royal box was in front of us as we came out so you could see the Queen."

Elisha, 21, and her mother, Sarah Hendry, teach at the Benarty Centre while Sinead takes classes at the dance school's premises in Glenrothes.

The sisters were part of a group of 50 Highland dancers who were invited to Windsor.

Sinead explained: "We were there from the Saturday through to the following Monday, with rehearsals every day and then shows from the Wednesday night onwards, culminating with the Queen watching on the final night."

There had been concern about the monarch's health and whether she would be in attendance.

Sinead admitted: "There was a lot of doubt. We got a tour of the castle on one of our practice days and they said she was in so at that point we thought 'It's just across the road, she must be coming!'

"We didn't get to see everywhere. There was one room in the castle which they said they could normally show us but Elton John was in there filming."

The show was a star-studded affair in the grounds of Windsor Castle with celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Dame Helen Mirren in attendance.

Sinead said: "On the last night Katherine Jenkins was singing but you know when there are times when you just don't process something?

"I'd seen someone being driven by in a golf buggy and wearing a big massive dress and wondered why you'd wear something like that to sit in the audience.

"Then I realised 'It's Katherine Jenkins!'

"There was also Keala Settle who played the bearded lady in The Greatest Showman.

"She stayed behind after her performance and had her camera out taking pictures of us, when you'd think it would be a role reversal and us taking pictures of her.

"I guess we were all in our kilts and finery and it's maybe not something you see every day!"

Next up for Elisha is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August.

Sinead, who is an accountant, laughed: "I don't think I could get that much time off work! I know she's really looking forward to it."

Asked about her dancing life, she added: "I think mum had me at classes from the age of two! So it was all her at the start but 20-odd years later, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't enjoy it.

"It is brilliant. There's not a lot to do for youngsters in a lot of Fife villages and dancing gives you the chance to get together, make friends, travel and take part in competitions."