A CARE WORKER was stabbed with a butter knife in an incident in Lochgelly.

The assailant was Samantha Seath, 20, who appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing.

Seath had admitted previously that on July 1, 2020, she assaulted a woman by striking her on the body with a butter knife to her injury.

Depute fiscal Zahra Bhatti said the offence took place at supported accommodation and followed a dispute involving a care worker.

She went on: “The accused grabbed a butter knife and stabbed one of the carers in the stomach area. There was no penetration of the skin but she suffered soreness and bruising.”

The woman did not seek immediate medical treatment but had gone to her GP a few days later as the pain was making it difficult for her to sleep.

Defence solicitor David McLaughlin said his client was “extremely vulnerable” and there was an extensive care package in place for her.

“She needs quite specialised care and this is a fairly exceptional case. A lot of people would think an admonition would be a soft sentence but I would say not in this case,” he added.

Sheriff Francis Gill said it was a serious offence but in these particular circumstances he would admonish Seath. He also ordered that, given her vulnerabilities, her address should not be published.