TWIDDLE muffs have been given to Benore Care Centre in Lochore to help patients with dementia.

Local councillors Rosemary Liewald and Lea McLelland handed over the knitted items which have been found to help soothe those suffering from the condition.

Councillor Liewald explained: "The twiddle muffs help patients with dementia.

"The muffs are a knitted or crocheted band with items attached that a patient living with the advanced stages of dementia can twiddle in their hands during a hospital stay.

"They help provide stimulation whilst on the wards and we’ve found they are valuable to patients.”

Both councillors have been working with Ruth McCabe, the project manager for Dementia Friendly Fife, to try and improve the lives of those who suffer from the condition and their families.

It has a number of projects associated with early and later dementia care and supports groups to share learning and skills and to increase confidence.

The muffs were a gift from ladies within Fife Health and Social Care Partnership who knit them in their spare time.

Amanda, from Benore Care Centre, said: “The soft knitted muffs which contain strands of textured ribbons, beads and various fabrics attached both inside and outside, have been found to have a calming and settling effect on the residents who experience anxiety with dementia."

Cllr McLelland added: "We would be delighted if any willing knitters or crocheters could help us to create more twiddle muffs as part of our ongoing commitment to our patients with dementia."

If you'd like to help, get in contact with one of the councillors. You'll find contact details on Fife Council's website.