A WOMAN was assaulted by her partner in Lochore by being hit on the head and having hot liquid thrown at her.

The assailant was John Clarke, 35, who has appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court as a result.

He admitted that on February 24, at Lochleven Road, Lochore, he assaulted his partner by throwing a cup of hot liquid at her, struck her to the head and attempted repeatedly to seize her by the neck.

Defence solicitor Alan Davie said: “He had consumed a large quantity of alcohol and reacted badly to that.”

He added that Clarke, currently living in Glasgow, plans to return to live in Fife in the near future.

Sheriff David Hall commented: “He’s got a bad record for this domestic offending.”

The sheriff deferred sentencing until June 8 for an assessment to be carried out for the Caledonian Programme for domestic offenders.