A LARGE donation made in the memory of an ‘absolute gentleman’ from Lochgelly will bring joy to many through an outdoor garden.

Fife Day Care Services in Lumphinnans has received a £626 gift from the family of Tommy Wilson, who sadly passed away in September.

The 83-year-old, from Bishop Avenue, began using the service in 2019 and he left a lasting impression on those working at the facility.

At Tommy’s funeral, a collection was carried out and the money was then donated to the service that he loved.

His daughter, Beverly Hamilton, worked as a full-time carer for both her dad and her brother, Fergus, 49, who has Down Syndrome.

She was grateful for the service which allowed her dad to go out and socialise while she was able to have some respite.

Beverly told the Times: “At the beginning of the pandemic in March we all got put into lockdown so everything had to stop but the staff at Lumphinnans came to visit my dad at the front door, when it was allowed, and every time they came they brought him gifts, whether it be a book or something, just to keep his mind alert.

“So, when he did pass away in September, we thought, ‘Well, what will we do?’ “Because my dad loved going to Lumphinnans and the staff were so good with him, I thought we would have a collection at his funeral instead of flowers.”

Beverly continued: “He was a gentleman; he was such an easily-pleased man.

“He loved the company when he used to go along, there was all people that had come from Lochgelly, Lumphinnans and Cowdenbeath and they were all much the same age so had grown up with half of them and sometimes just reminisce on the olden days.”

Her and Fergus are both doing well, comforted by the memory of their dad.

Beverly said: “My dad will never be forgotten because we talk about him all the time.

“He is deeply missed by everybody, by all the family, but we know he’s with my mum now and with my other wee brother.

“They’re all together now.”

Fergus presented a gift box with the £626 donation to Carol Reddington, manager of Fife Day Care Services.

Carol stated: “Tommy was an absolute gentleman, and it was a pleasure to have him with our service, we were all so sad when he passed away in September 2021 and still miss him. However, we have some lovely memories so he will never be forgotten.

“On behalf of everyone at Fife Day Care Services, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for this kindness and generosity, this amount of money will make a substantial difference to a small charity such as ours and will be used in a way that will honour the memory of Tommy and also benefit the service users who attend.

“We are currently planning a gardening group and setting up an area outside to be used for therapeutic gardening activities, so the plan is to use this very generous donation towards gardening equipment, seeds, plants and some nice plant pots.”