A BEAUTY spot where many Central Fifers choose to scatter the ashes of their loved ones is being blighted by antisocial behaviour.

Youths lighting bonfires and leaving rubbish at a hill at the south side of Lochore Meadows near Garry Park is creating a blot on the landscape which one local resident has described as "sickening".

Brian Menzies, 77, who has lived in the area all his life, said the fire service and police have been called on many occasions in recent weeks to deal with the unruly actions.

"It is a mess. When I seen it, the rubbish, the beer cans, the bottles scattered, it is sickening," he said.

"The ashes of people who were born and brought up here are scattered there.

"They are setting bonfires up on the hill where the ashes have been spread. It is really sad. I was quite upset when I seen it all."

Mr Menzies, a local community councillor, said the park, especially the hill, is something which has long been appreciated by those living near it.

"The deprivation that we went through years ago and to turn it around into a beautiful place like that and then to see what is happening, there is no respect. My mum's ashes are scattered there," he said.

"One of the main reasons for the country park was for the communities that surrounded it. For the hard times that they were brought up in. When we were younger, we didn't get chocolate eggs, our parents used to boil them and paint them and we would roll them down that hill.

"That part is registered with Historic Scotland and it was a Godsend when this virus broke out as it was right on the doorstep.

"A lot of communities surround it and it is not just for the local communities. Other people come to it too. It is amazing the amount of people that walk and cycle it and run it. From the hill, there is quite a view when you stand on it and look down at the surroundings.

"We used to have a ranger but they did away with the ranger but they patrol it. I have asked how many times do they do that but haven't had any joy finding out. We have got to do something. It is a mess."

Responding to the behaviour, Sergeant John Nicol said: “Officers are aware of ongoing issues with antisocial behaviour around Lochore Meadows and are working closely with partner agencies to put a number of initiatives in place to tackle this sort of activity.

“I would urge local residents to report any incidents or concerns to police, by calling 101, as this allows us to take an intelligence-led approach and ensures we target specific problem areas.

"Our local community officers will by carrying out patrols at known hotspots in the local area over the coming months.”