KELTY Community Cinema have launched a new initiative to help villagers borrow a movie.

The group’s Wayne and Donna Hayles have offered their movie collection to the community in response to the rising cost of living.

They will lend out movies in return for a small donation towards the community cinema, and Donna told the Times this week: “We have thousands of films and the films we have to buy when we screen any movies at the cinema.

“There’s no point in them sitting here and we know a lot of people are cutting back on streaming services.

“That was our idea, there’s films sitting there, if anyone in Kelty wants to borrow them then they just give a donation of whatever they can, and it goes back into the cinema.

“It helps out the community a bit and it means that the films are getting used.

“We’ve got a lot of streaming services and when you add them all up, you can spend a fortune, and, really, how often do you use them?

“If it’s something you can cut back on a wee bit then you can borrow a couple of films for a Saturday night.”

She continued: “We can take cash or we have a bank account for the cinema but whatever they can.

“It’s not a fixed price, folk can’t afford stuff and that’s not a problem.

“It’s not to do with the money, it’s more to do with having that option.

“It’s not hard work for us but even if it is only two or three people that said, ‘Oh yeah, we will borrow one’, then it is two or three people that have enjoyed something that they didn’t have before.”

Donna and Wayne will be taking film requests via email.

Anyone interested can email at:, or on the Kelty Community Cinema Facebook page.

The movies can also be collected or dropped off if required.