AN INTERNATIONAL singer is making his way to Central Fife next month.

Jonathan Veira is bringing his Unlockdown Sessions Live Tour to Cowdenbeath at the end of May.

The "musical chameleon" will perform at Beath and Cowdenbeath North Church on Saturday, May 28 at 7.30pm.

Promoters said: "You can expect a stunning evening of music and laughter. Jonathan is essentially a musical chameleon - performing songs of great diversity to an incredibly high standard – which quite possibly makes him unique in the world of entertainment.

"With a voice like melted chocolate he sings songs from Billy Joel to gospel songs and everything in-between – nothing seems too hard for him!

"Ballads, blues, rock n roll, jazz and even opera – everything sounds completely authentic and exhilarating.

"Accompanying himself with amazing dexterity, his glorious singing frequently moves people to tears and then they later find themselves weeping with laughter!

"When did you last see young and old rocking with laughter together? Jonathan Veira’s one-man show is distinctive because you get so much more than just ‘the voice’.

"He is a superb comic raconteur, whose anecdotal story-telling has people of all generations laughing helplessly.

"A naturally funny man, Jonathan’s infectious humour draws you in to his joyful presence. He shares of himself and his faith naturally and inspirationally – before long he feels like a good friend."

"When the (Covid-19) lockdown occurred, Jonathan was obviously unable to do live concerts.

"Undeterred, he started an online streamed concert that still goes live nearly every Sunday evening for two hours.

"This highly entertaining show has become much more than ‘just a concert’. Jonathan’s wonderful singing and piano playing, cheerful chat and banter with his wife Sue, guests on Zoom or in the room have made this compulsive viewing for so many and JV Live from the Steinway Room has kept many people connected and sane during the lockdown period and beyond.

"Winning a BBC award for the show has been a well-deserved bonus. These concerts are now Jonathan doing what he does best in an Unlockdown situation!"

Tickets cost £10 and can be purchased from the church.