A CROSSGATES mum has slammed Fife Council's allocation policy as a "nightmare" after her daughter wasn't given a nursery place.

Danielle Drummond, of Droverall Avenue, was told that Indie's application was unsuccessful, despite the toddler attending Little Blossoms, for under-threes, which is in the same building.

And her big sister, Millie, is already at Crossgates nursery and will start at the primary school in August.

Danielle fumed: "It is not possible for me to take two kids under the age of five to two different schools for 9am.

"How can I be in two different places at once? It's a nightmare."

She accused the council of gambling with children's futures and allocating places by pulling names "out of a hat".

Danielle told the Times: "I find it hard to understand how a child’s future is decided on ballot.

"Why is there nothing in place that prioritises kids who have siblings due to attend the school?

"There is absolutely no consideration for the children and their circumstances, names are basically being pulled out of a hat and it's pure luck if they get their first choice.

"I know you can't please everyone but when you have one child starting school at Crossgates, you should be given a higher priority for the nursery for your second child over those who don’t."

Indie will turn three in July and had hoped to follow Millie, who is four, into the nursery at Crossgates.

Danielle had planned on dropping both girls off at the same time before making her way to university in Dundee – where she's due to study for a qualification in social work.

She said the increase in nursery hours was supposed to give more time to parents to help with employment and education prospects, but claimed situations like this will prove to be a barrier.

The mum added: "I had exactly the same issue before, how can this possibly happen to me twice? I feel so let down by the whole process

"Millie got rejected before, I was told places were given on a priority basis, so we had to go on a waiting list to see if she could get a place.

"Luckily she did but it was really stressful.

"This time round it's even worse.

"My partner works away and I am unable to make two separate drop-offs and attend university on time."

Danielle also pointed out that she currently walks to and from the nursery with her kids but, if Indie cannot get a place at Crossgates, she'll have to use her car when the council are actively encouraging parents and pupils to walk or cycle.

She's also worried about the disruption for Indie, taking her away from familiar settings and friends she's made at Crossgates, adding: "This is not getting it right for every child, as the council are supposed to be doing.

"I live in Crossgates and all I want is for my kids to attend the local school."

Head of education and children's services, Shelagh McLean, said: "Much as we would love to, we cannot provide a nursery place for every child in their first choice and we understand that some parents will be disappointed.

"Unfortunately in some nurseries demand outstrips supply, although we do our best to make sure everyone receives their first choice.

"Within Fife, there are 22 local nursery areas used in the admissions process. Children may not always attend the nursery located within a particular school, even when the family live within the primary school catchment area.

"This session Crossgates PS Nursery was oversubscribed, with not enough spaces available for all the children applying.

"The headteacher of the nursery will keep in touch with families who have not received a place and respond to any enquiries. She will also be able to provide any information regarding the waiting list.

"Places may also be available at other local funded providers and childminders who are in partnership with Fife Council."