A DESPERATE Central Fife mum has accused NHS Fife of "failing" her son's mental health after a seven-year battle has failed to see him get the help she says he needs.

The parent, from Cowdenbeath, said her teenage son, now 14, has now been placed on the waiting list to be assessed for autism but faces a wait of more than three years to be seen.

Last month, she thought she had experienced a breakthrough after a locum doctor prescribed him medication as a "stop-gap" however she has now been told there will be no repeat prescription.

"For the first two weeks, he was like brand new," she explained.

"He was happy, he could have a conversation, we went bowling as a family – he has never been out with us for years. He was having a ball.

"However it did wear off as the day went on and I know from my older son, medication is based on height and weight. My plan was to say can we increase it slightly and I will give you his height and weight but the GP said the locum shouldn't have prescribed it.

"I said you cannot tell me you are not going to give him this medication. How can I tell my son who can breath for the first time and can laugh?

"His brain is clearer. If you start a conversation, he would always cut in. I could never get a full conversation. He didn't how how to finish. Now he can wait his turn. There is no more arguing over nothing and now they are going to take it off you."

The latest setback is one of many battles which the mum says she has faced attempting to help her boy.

"To begin with, they said he had watched his big brother but he has completely different traits," she said.

"Then his dad left and they said it was because of this, or because he had a speech impediment, they kept palming me off. From him going into first year, everything escalated for him.

"He stopped going out. He doesn't leave the house. His violence and aggression are uncontrollable. He is a big boy and is nearly the same height as me. I cannot defend myself. I can not hold him off and keep everyone safe.

"I phoned the doctor up and was in hysterics. I said I cannot wait another five years to get help.

"How can they allow a child to go back to that horrible dark place when they know there is a resolution? They all blame Covid, but I’ve been fighting this endless battle long before anyone heard of Covid.

"I am desperate, I don’t want to see my child suffer any more when I know he could be helped so easily.

"If we lived in Kelty, the health centre there has a paediatrician but ours at Crossgates doesn't. I don't know if raising awareness will do anything but I am just desperate.

"I have four more days worth of having a half happy boy – it has stopped working all day."

In response, a Health and Social Care Partnership spokesperson said: “Fife's multiagency pathway for children and young people who require assessment for autism was changed to remote delivery due to Covid 19 restrictions.

"In July 2021, face to face assessments were reinstated alongside a continuation of remote assessments to increase availability to those children waiting. In addition, a helpline has continued to be available to families of any children either waiting for assessment or affected by autism.

"This service is in addition to support for children with severe and complex mental health issues already available from Fife Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

"The existing pathway has also been reviewed in line with Scottish Government guidelines.

"All children and young people in Fife with any neurodevelopmental concerns, including possible autism, will have access to an expanded service across education and health that aims to deliver supports around the child that are not dependent upon a diagnosis.”