THE search is on for the artist behind a painting with special connections to Queen Anne High School.

Sheena Cook, 80, wants to return the painting to its rightful owner, after it has hung on her wall since the late 1990s.

Her husband, Mike Cook, 82, chose the frame as a leaving gift after retiring as rector of the school in 1997.

"When he retired one of the presents he chose was an enormous painting done by one of the pupils of another pupil," she explained.

"I think it was probably for Higher Art or something.

"Mike is in a care home now and I am trying to downsize, the painting is of no interest to me or any of the family."

Sheena's husband suffers with dementia, and she is now hoping to reunite the painting and its artist so that it can continue to be enjoyed.

She laughed: "To be honest, at the time I thought, 'What the heck did you bring that home for?'"

Sheena hopes that either the pupil who painted the image, or the student featured, will come forward to claim the gift which her husband was so fond of.

The pair have been married for 56 years and live in Lochgelly.