Officers in Fife are warning of an increase in bank scam fraud in the area.

A number of reports have been received from people who have been conned into transferring sums of money to accounts used by fraudsters claiming to be from their bank.

In recent reports, victims have received calls claiming to be from the fraud department of their bank informing the customer there has been fraudulent activity on their account.

They are then urged to transfer large sums of money into another account to safeguard it. However, the account is often not even with the same bank and the money is then stolen.

Detective Sergeant Tommy Stenhouse said: “Unfortunately we’re seeing a rise in this type of crime in the area with three incidents reported to police in a 24-hour period alone.

“These criminals can be very convincing and persuasive, especially to those who may not regularly use telephone or online banking. I would urge everyone to be wary of calls and contact from people claiming to be from their bank.

“It is important to remember that a genuine caller from your bank would never ask for your banking or personal details and will not ask you to transfer money during an unsolicited call.

"They would also not ask you to allow them access to your online or telephone banking, so never provide those details and passwords.

“If in any doubt, contact your banking organisation in a way you trust or visit a local branch. You can also contact Police Scotland on 101 if you believe you have been targeted by one of these scams.”