COWDENBEATH High Street stopped in its tracks on Friday night as three buggy-type cars raced through the street.

Locals took to social media and posted a video of three loud vehicles racing down the road, describing the route as a "new drag strip" for the town.

The video on Fife Jammer Locations attracted over 600 comments with some expressing excitement and others were concerned for safety of those nearby.

One person said: "All fun and games until someone gets hit and dies" while another commented "Not fun if you're living on the High Street."

One person added: "Thousands of cars, lorries, vans, buses, motorbikes pass through the High Street safely every day, Only a few idiots who think they can use it as a drag strip," with one man stating: "It’s illegal full stop. It’s street racing, it’s speeding and it’s a busy street that’s attached to numerous residential streets, no to mention the flats situated on the street itself."

One post added: "No be hard to catch them….how many people actually own these? They’ll be out and about again and cameras everywhere….they’ll get caught…even though it was entertaining I also have kids and just the thought of one of them walking out in front of one of these is frightening!"

Some were more relaxed, commenting: "This shows people driving road legal buggys and no one can prove that they aren't doing 30mph they may look fast but could be any speed pretty cool like a love it" and another adding: "I forgot folk are no allowed to have fun leave folk alone anything for a bit drama. nice one whoever they are."

The Times contacted Police Scotland however they declined to comment, saying they could not find any report of an incident of this nature being reported to them.