Calls for safety measures on the A92 near Halbeath Park and Ride facility have been stepped up after long-running concerns from Crossgates commuters.

Fife Council officers have been asked to look at the possibility of providing new crossings on the slip roads serving the A92 at Halbeath as a matter of urgency amid concerns someone could be seriously hurt or killed while trying to access Halbeath Park and Ride by bike or on foot.

The issue has been raised repeatedly by local commuters in Crossgates in particular with Dunfermline and West Fife MP Douglas Chapman also expressing concerns but it now seems that firm action will be taken after the council elections in May.

One commuter previously told the Times that he feared it was "only a matter of time before someone is killed" trying to cross the road to get to the park and ride facility.

Halbeath resident Alan Scott had expressed his concerns saying anyone walking or cycling to the facility from Crossgates or Dunfermline is at risk as they have to cross a road with a 70mph speed limit.

At their meeting last week, members of Cowdenbeath area committee agreed further work to explore the feasibility of crossings on the A92 entrance and exit slip roads should be carried out, with a report on those findings to go back before the committee as soon as possible.

Councillor Alex Campbell said: “For a number of years Crossgates Community Council has had several issues regarding people crossing the slip roads.

“The community council has had continuous concerns about the entrance and exit of the A92 and pedestrians and cyclists trying to cross to the Park and Ride.

“Something really needs to be done here and it seems that some people have been dragging their heels for some time.”

Campaigners have previously called for dedicated cycle lanes and footpaths along with traffic controlled pedestrian crossings for people heading to the Park and Ride from Crossgates and Dunfermline.

The request for further work in the area came after councillors backed plans to extend a 30mph limit on the B925 Dunfermline Road leading in and out of Crossgates.

BEAR Scotland, on behalf of Transport Scotland, introduced a 50mph speed limit on the A92 Crossgates Roundabout towards Halbeath Roundabout, but that left a short section of around 60 metres of national speed limit on B925 Dunfermline Road from the existing 30mph signs to the roundabout.

Keith Johnston, traffic management technician engineer, said transportation officials felt it was “inappropriate” to have such a short stretch where the national speed limit applied, and therefore suggested it should be reduced to tie in with adjacent speed limits either by reducing to 50mph or by extending the existing 30mph.

“The existing 30mph gateway into Crossgates on the B925 Dunfermline Road could be improved as the existing signs are obscured by other signs,” he said.

“Extending the existing 30mph to the A92 Crossgates roundabout will allow the signs to be relocated and create a stronger gateway, which should improve speed limit compliance.”

Councillor Darren Watt echoed calls from Cllr Alex Campbell to see if it was possible to have the speed limit work done in parallel with efforts to address community concerns about the slip roads, but also welcomed the speed limit change in isolation.

“Credit has to go to transportation for recognising the inconsistencies with this and it’s welcomed because quite frankly little inconsistencies like this can give reckless drivers an excuse to say they didn’t know the speed limit,” he concluded.