Kelty residents have called for improvements after their street was left as a "safety risk".

One man, who did not want to be named, said he has spent "months" trying to contact the council, with nothing being done to fix troublesome potholes outside his home on Crambeth Place.

One of which he says is 200mm deep and over 600mm wide.

He said: "Last time they came and botched the holes, but never did them all.

"I contacted my local councillor and he just forwards my emails on to the council.

"Cars park all along one half of the street so you have to go through it.

"It recently broke one of my neighbours springs on her car, it is just out of the garage now.

"It has been there since before Christmas."

He also told the Times that stones left behind by previous work and by holes breaking up were causing further issues.

"One of my neighbours is elderly has carers coming in a lot," he said.

"And they are dragging stuff into the house from the road.

"No one seems interested, are they going to wait until someone hurts themselves or falls down?"

He said he had previously spent £500 fixing his own car after damage caused by potholes.

"They are right round the street," he explained.

"You can't leave the street without going through that big one, and nothing is being done."

Bill Liddle, Service Manager at Fife Council, said: "We always face a huge increase in reports of potholes as we come out of the winter period.

"We are working through them, dealing with the most serious first on the busiest roads.

"Members of the public can report potholes and other road faults online."