POLICE have stated that the "hunt is over" after charging a 16-year-old for numerous offences, including dangerous driving in Cowdenbeath.

The Times reported in February that a vehicle was abandoned in the area after a shocking video emerged of a driver performing 'doughnuts' around a police car.

Footage showed the driver taunting officers by circling their car numerous times in the car park outside Cowdenbeath FC's Central Park.

The road user was spotted driving at high speeds and fled in the black Mitsubishi before abandoning the vehicle nearby at Hillview street.

Tonight (Thursday), Fife Road Policing have stated that the "hunt is over" to identify the individual responsible.

Officers announced: "The hunt is over for FifeRP!

"On February 21, 2022, a Mitsubishi SUV was driven dangerously in Cowdenbeath.

"Thanks to the public's help we've identified a 16 yr old.

"He's been reported for numerous offences including Dangerous Driving."

A post on Fife Police Division's Facebook page tonight stated that the teenager has been reported to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service for a "variety of offences", including: dangerous driving, no insurance, driving elsewhere other than a road, not displaying a VRM, and driving otherwise in accordance with a licence."

The force added: "The driver of this vehicle put many people at risk, damaged park land and it is simply not acceptable.

"#FifeRP would like to thank those members of the public that helped us during this investigation; in doing so they have helped make Fife a little bit safer."

Responding to the incident in February, a Police Scotland spokesperson had told the Times: “Police received a number of reports of a car being driven dangerously in the High Street area of Cowdenbeath in the evening of Monday, 21 February, 2022.

“Officers attended and the car was subsequently traced and uplifted. Enquiries are ongoing.”