A DRINK driver was caught by police after a crash on the A92 near Lochgelly.

Fife Road Policing unit attended a crash on Tuesday and the driver of a black Vauxhall was found to be "three times over the drink drive limit".

In a separate incident, a van was also stopped on the A92 for speeding.

The driver then tested positive for cannabis, according to Road Policing Scotland on Twitter.

In a statement on both incidents, a spokesperson said: "#FifeRP attended a crash on the A92 near Lochgelly yesterday (Tuesday) and found the driver of this car was three times over the Drink Drive limit.

"Then later this van was stopped nearby for speeding and also gave a positive @DrugWipeUK for cannabis.

"#DrinkDrugsDrivingEqualsArrest #ItsNotAcceptable"