FAMILIES mourning the loss of a loved one have been left disgusted after finding dog mess left on the grave.

Fife Council said there had been a number of complaints recently and expressed anger at the public's failure to pick up their pet's mess in cemeteries across the region.

“The team have received reports from members of the public about dog-fouling on graves, which has caused distress and upset,” a spokesperson from safer communities confirmed.

"It is an offence not to appropriately dispose of any excrement immediately after a dog has fouled in a public place.

"If someone does not clean up after their dog then they could receive a fixed penalty notice with a fine of £80."

Dog-walkers have now been urged to keep their pet on a lead while walking in Fife’s cemeteries and also to pick up after them.

Fifers are being encouraged to report instances of dog-fouling via the council website.