A DANCE “army” from Lochgelly is back home after wowing crowds at London fashion week in an unconventional catwalk.

The Times recently told you that young dancers from Zodiac School of Dance were set to join eight-year-old fashion designer, Amelia, from Crossgates, in showcasing her street-wear brand.

Amelia’s mum, Lauren Montgomery, said the kids, all under the age of 17, received “unreal” feedback from the show which took place last week.

She told the Times this week: “They brought something new which hadn’t been done before.

“Amelia designs street-wear clothes and models herself.

“She found her love of fashion through dancing and had followed House of iKons for ages.

“We messaged just to see if they had any tips and they fell in love with her story and wanted to include her in their fashion week show.

“She didn’t want to do a typical runway, she wanted to combine it with hip-hop.”

Amelia started her company, SwagHQ, during lockdown and sells her creations on to her friends from dancing.

They were able to include their love of dance in the fashion show which saw a surprise twist.

“SwagHQ came on as a standard fashion show,” Lauren explained.

“Then a voice over came about how to dream big and Amelia came down and took a drawing out of her bag.

“It had her create your label logo on it.

“Then there was booming music and everyone came out changed into create your label t-shirts - they were like an army.

“The feedback was unreal, it brought an artistic story to he runway with street dance ending the show.

“It has never been done before.”

There was already anticipation surrounding the show, with Amelia being the youngest dancer to ever be showcased by iKons.

“The dancers were all anyone was talking about,” Lauren said.

“It was a great experience for the kids and they are a great bunch of kids, they were so happy.

“Amelia called them her iKonic army.

“The unique aspect got interest, if you go to big brands they have hundreds of one item.”

Lauren continued: “Amelia lets people buy the design, you can choose your own colours and design it to make it your own.

“It’s something completely different.

“She suffers with anxiety, but from her dancing and performing you wouldn’t know.

“She gives herself this character called AM, when she was on stage you could see it on her face when she transformed into AM.

“She also wanted to show how each dancer is different, with different styles “People said they were the most professional group of kids, they just knew what to do.

“I think that all comes from their training at Zodiac.”