A £15,000 scheme to widen footways outside Beath High School has been shunted up the council’s list of priorities.

Plans are in place to not only improve the footpaths on Foulford Road but also to install speed cushions in a bid to improve road safety and slow motorists down.

Councillors on the Cowdenbeath area committee heard that the footway widening project will now go ahead before the traffic calming work, which had previously been given a higher priority as part of the area’s roads programme for 2022/23.

The schemes are part of a £700,000-plus package of measures planned over the coming year for the Cowdenbeath area, with cash being spent on resurfacing and carriageway repairs, footways, road safety and traffic management, lighting and structural works.

Local councillor Darren Watt was one of several councillors who welcomed the reprioritisation but said he hopes the speed cushions will also be in place as soon as possible.

“A lot of people tell us that the area is an accident waiting to happen so I’m pleased that this will be upgraded to a category 1 project,” he said.

Councillor Alex Campbell was also in agreement and echoed the call for cash to be made available for the speed cushions on Foulford Road, adding: “The bairns’ safety is paramount here.”

The roadworks have been programmed as a response to concerns about road safety outside Beath High School, and the high number of young people congregating on the footpaths beside Foulford Road every morning and evening.

Fife Council has also installed temporary barriers on Foulford Road alongside the road adjacent to Rolliable Takeaway and at the junction by the Day Today shop.

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Councillor for Cowdenbeath, Darren Watt said: "There have been two known accidents in recent weeks involving school pupils and vehicles, and hopefully these measures will help prevent any further avoidable accidents.

"These are much more robust than the previous barriers and won't cause needless obstructions."

Photo: Cllr Darren Watt.

Central Fife Times:

Other Fife Council projects

A range of other projects are included on the list of category 1 schemes which should go ahead in the coming 12 months.

The biggest ticket item on the list of carriageway projects relates to Crossgates and work on Inverkeithing Road to Curlingknowe, which is likely to cost over £155,000.

Also on the list is the B920 Lochleven Road from Hill Road in Ballingry to the Fife boundary, Muir Road northwards on the B9149 Lochgelly, and the C37 Cuddyhouse Road from Old Perth Road to west of the recycling centre in Cowdenbeath.

Paul Street and Moffat Crescent in Lochgelly and Meldrum Court in Cowdenbeath are in line for footway improvements, while a £60,000 speed cushions project is also planned for Cardenden Road, Cluny.

Meanwhile, £150,000 has been earmarked for site investigations relating to the Broad Street Railway Bridge, although no timescale on plans to upgrade or replace it has yet come forward.