Fifer Doug Allan is set to captivate crowds at an upcoming book swap event.

The Bafta and Emmy award-winner has worked extensively with David Attenborough and has documented his time as a wildlife photographer in his new book, 'Freeze Frame: A Wildlife Cameraman’s Adventures on Ice'.

He will be chatting about the book at the Bookface book swap event being held in Edinburgh's Kimpton Charlotte Square Hotel.

Doug spent seven years in Antarctica as a research diver, scientist and photographer as part of the British Antarctic Survey before taking up a full-time job filming in 1983.

In the years since, he has become one of the world's most respected cameramen, working with Discovery, National Geographic and the BBC.

This has included camerawork showcased in series such as The Blue Planet and Ocean Giants.

He has been awarded eight Emmys and five BAFTAs for his work and has won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award twice in the underwater category.

He has also received three honorary doctorates for his camera work and two polar medals. The medal is given to those who gave valuable service in any Antarctic expedition in conditions of extreme hardship.

Doug has many a tale to tell and will be giving the audience the stories behind the photographs included in his book.

He said: "Freeze Frame came from wanting to showcase the best of the still images I had gathered over 35 years working in the poles but, at the same time, also weaves in my stories from behind the scenes.

"It’s great to have the chance to talk about my experiences, the book itself, and the route to self-publication."

The event will take place on March 6 and is the brainchild of former broadcaster Heather Suttie.

Tickets are £20 and on sale from Eventbrite.