PETER Grant MP repeated his call for Boris Johnson to resign after sharing "heartbreaking stories of sacrifice" from his constituents.

Speaking at yesterday's (Wednesday's) Prime Minister's Questions, the Glenrothes and Central Fife SNP MP said the Tory leader must take responsibility for his actions during lockdown and stand down.

Mr Grant said: "I’ve been contacted by numerous constituents regarding the latest damning revelations about ‘lockdown parties’ in Downing Street.

"I’ve heard heartbreaking accounts of constituents and colleagues who lost loved ones during the pandemic but weren’t able to be with them in their final moments, or who were unable to gather with friends and family at funerals or to support each other as they mourned."

In the House of Commons the MP told the PM told of a constituent who had been unable to accompany her husband to hospital following a heart attack, another who had grieved alone when she lost her husband and a third who wasn’t able to visit a relative in a care home to tell them another member of the family had died.

He added that “in their words the Prime Minister is a charlatan, a hypocrite and a liar”.

Mr Johnson responded that he understood why people felt the way they do and apologised for any “misjudgements that may have been made” in relation to the lockdown parties held at Downing Street.

But Mr Grant said this was not good enough and repeated his call for Mr Johnson to resign.

He added: “Boris Johnson has come up with excuse after excuse for his rule-breaking behaviour but the fact remains that he partied while the rest of the country were making personal sacrifices in order to protect each other, and there is no coming back from this.

"He is unfit for office and he must resign.”