A CONTROVERSIAL Scottish Government questionnaire, which asks school pupils about their sexual experiences, will be scrutinised by councillors next week at Fife Council's education and children services sub-committee.

The council agreed to postpone its participation in the Health and Wellbeing Census in December, which asks kids as young as 14 for information about their sexual relationships and contraception, as well as their drinking, drugs and smoking habits.

One question – for pupils in S4 and S6 – probes students' varying degrees of sexual experience, with multiple choice answers including “oral sex” and “vaginal or anal sex”.

Others quiz teenagers on contraception methods and what age they were when they had sex for the first time.

Several councils across Scotland have refused to issue it while others have gone ahead with the survey.

Amid reservations about the “controversial and inappropriate” nature of some of the questions posed, Fife councillors paused the imminent roll-out of the survey pending further scrutiny.

The sub-committee will meet on Friday, January 28.