A NEW solar farm between Lochgelly and Auchtertool can help prevent "the natural disasters" that arise from climate change.

Locogen Consulting Ltd, a renewable energy firm from Edinburgh, are proposing to harness the power of the sun on agricultural land at Glenniston Farm.

They've asked Fife Council whether an environmental impact assessment will be required for their plans, which would use just over 71 hectares of the site.

The firm explained: "On the basis that the proposed development will generate electricity from a renewable source, its intention is to address and in doing so help to avoid the natural disasters which might otherwise arise from doing nothing to deal with climate change.

"No other major disasters are considered likely as a result of this development, however a glint and glare assessment will be undertaken to ensure that users of the roads and railway which surround the site are not adversely affected."

It added: "The area is currently under agricultural use. This would continue in the form of seasonal grazing under and alongside the proposed development."

The idea is to instal a solar farm and energy storage system with a generating capacity of up to 49.9 mega watts.

The panels would be mounted on frames which would be up to approximately 3.5m in height.

Locogen said their plans would "not result in significant levels of pollution or nuisances" and added: "At the end of its lifetime plant will be removed from the site and where possible components reused or recycled in line with requirements at that time."