A Cardenden family have appealed for help after they were told their new puppy would be put down without a £6,000 operation.

Jackie Fagan has started a GoFundMe page to 'help mend Bella's broken heart' after vets said her nine week old pup needed costly treatment to fix a heart murmur.

The only other option was to return her to the breeder, who admitted they would put her down.

Jackie explained: “We got Bella on January 8 and took her to the vet and they found there was something wrong with her heart.

"The breeders were shocked and said they had used a private vet to get all the puppies chipped and they had never picked up on it."

She continued: "We have been at three different vets to have her seen. 

"We told the breeder to speak to her vet but our vet had said if we brought her back to them they would likely put her to sleep. 

"Her vet came back and said we were right, she would be put down. 

“Her initial scans alone were £800-£1,200 just for a few hours, the breeder would never pay that.”

Vets at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies diagnosed Bella with Pulmonic Stenosis, an operable condition.

They told Jackie they are positive about the outcome, the only problem is the cost. The procedure alone is £6,000 and each follow up scan would be an added £400.

Putting Bella down is not an option as the family have fallen head over heels for the pup.

The fundraising page - you can access it here - has already raised more than £2,200.

“The kids are so attached to her now,” Jackie said. “Our grandkids all come after school and are invested, they love her.

"She is nine weeks old and there is no sign that there is anything wrong with her, she is always bouncing about and hanging off your trousers."

People have also offered to help through loans, a route she will look at if the fundraiser does not work. 

Poor Bella may still be stuck on medication for the rest of her life, even after the operation, due to her heart condition.

Jackie said: "We are prepared to do our best for her.

"She was from a litter of seven and nothing is wrong with the rest of them apparently.

"The vet said it is a birth defect. 

"We had a choice from about five of them and after the emotional rollercoaster of a week now we have had time to think about it we have agreed maybe Bella was meant to come to us to get to this chance in life."