Fife Council said they filled in more than 13,750 potholes in 2021 and promised smoother journeys for motorists as more money is invested.

There's a pot of £9.9 million over two years to fix the state of the roads and the local authority insisted they are moving in the right direction thanks to an extra, one-off cash outlay.

Transport spokesman, Councillor Altany Craik, said: "We are trying to stay on top of it, but the roads are not in the condition we would like them to be, we all know that."

In August we reported that more repairs were needed in the Kingdom after residents had been left unhappy about the number of potholes and poor condition of the roads.

Then in December councillors were told that millions more would need to be spent to tackle Fife's growing list of road maintenance needs.

Now, more than 13,750 potholes have been filled due to investment in road repairs, and that backlog is lessening.

Bill Liddle, service manager, said: "The backlog of repairs is slowly coming down across Fife and we are continuing with our other planned patching work and carriageway re-surfacing plans over the coming year."

Cllr Craik added: "It's unhelpful to worry specifically about the numbers, if you're living with a pothole outside your house, it doesn't matter how many thousands have been fixed elsewhere, they are still impacted by that pothole.

"The important thing is to get the roads to an improved condition.

"We want to invest in roads, which we are doing, and we want to try to make it better, but it's not where we want to be yet.

"It's a big boulder to be pushing up that hill, but we want to get to a better place.

"My view is fix it and fix it right, the focus on planned patching programs is better than reactive.

"I want to meet people's expectations of the roads they are driving on and get to the point where we can tell people when they report potholes when we will be fixing them."