FIFE COUNCIL is to receive more than £10.4 million of extra funding to allow it to recruit additional teachers.

It's believed the additional Scottish Government cash could help offer permanent positions instead of temporary contracts and create extra posts too.

An extra £145 million has been awarded for teacher recruitment across the country in the 2022/23 Scottish budget which is the largest single increase since 2007.

The news has been welcomed by Fife Greens MSP Mark Ruskell.

He said: “Education has been massively disrupted throughout the COVID crisis. We can’t forget though that even before March 2020, Scotland’s teachers had some of the longest hours and heaviest workloads in the developed world.

“Getting extra teachers into classrooms is the best way to support children and young people who have been so badly affected by the pandemic and to help the existing school staff who have gone to such herculean efforts for the sake of their pupils.

"I am sure that we’ll see the benefit of this funding across Fife in the months ahead.”

The Scottish Government said their overall investment of £145.5 million would ensure the sustained employment of additional teachers and classrooms assistants – enough for around 2,500 teachers and 500 support staff across the country.

Education secretary and Dunfermline MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “Our priority is to ensure that all our children and young people have the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential in school and beyond.

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges, but our commitment to equity and excellence in education does not waver. This record investment in education in the 2022-23 Budget demonstrates our determination to support learners of all ages.

“The sustained employment of additional teachers and classroom assistants to support school staff and pupils is a key part of that. So too is our investment to accelerate the pace of tackling the poverty-related attainment gap and achieve the best possible outcomes for all our children and young people, whatever their background.”

The cash may help resolve situations which were highlighted in the Press by North East Fife MSP Willie Rennie back in July.

He branded the treatment of newly-qualified teachers in Fife as "completely unacceptable" after hearing from many who had been told they didn't have a job.

Mr Rennie said that, even though many new teachers were not offered a job formally, there was an expectation following the interview process in March that positions would be secured for the autumn.

One told Mr Rennie that they were "absolutely heartbroken after giving their absolute all to a school, class and families for the past year, all through a pandemic".

He launched an online petition and called on Fife Council and the Scottish Government to find a solution.

He stated: “Many have been left in a dire position because of incompetent planning by both the Scottish Government and Fife Council. It is almost impossible for many of them to plan their lives or even fix a mortgage."