MOTORISTS were alarmed at the erratic driving of a drunk man who had been knocking back alcohol with his brother.

The drink-driver was Rafal Jakubaszek, 32, now of Adamson Crescent, Dunfermline.

He drove from Leven to his then home in Lochgelly when more than twice the limit.

Jakubaszek appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court accompanied by a translator.

He admitted that on November 3, in Campbell Crescent, Lochgelly, he drove a car without insurance and having consumed excess alcohol.

His reading was 119 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, the limit being 50 milligrammes.

Depute fiscal Sean Maher said the manner of Jakubaszek’s driving had caused concern to other motorists.

He was veering across the road and was not driving at consistent speeds.

Police were contacted and went to Jakubaszek’s home in Lochgelly, where the car was parked and he was arrested.

Defence solicitor Alan Davie said Jakubaszek had been visiting his brother in Leven.

“He had no intention to drink when he went there but, for some reason, he consumed alcohol with his brother then decided for reasons he can’t remember to drive to his then home in Lochgelly,” he added.

Sheriff Charles Macnair fined Jakubaszek £790 and banned him from driving for 14 months.