A PROGRESS report has been given on two Fife housing developments.

Last year, the Times reported that the projects at Kelty and Wellwood, Dunfermline, were at a "critical point".

The contractor, I & H Brown, had agreed to conditions that for the work to be completed, they would also build new primary schools in each area.

The 900-home project at Cocklaw Road in Kelty needed £8 million in upfront cash for the new school. 

Due to a change in circumstances, they then asked Fife Council to pay the upfront cost, which they would return after selling more houses.

However, the council has not been able to find the funds and are wary after a previous contractor went bust before a similar agreement was completed.

I & H Brown say they are "making progress" but are still being held back.

Allan Miller, development director, said that the company hopes to start work in Kelty in late 2022.

"In Kelty, we can build 180 houses before we need a new primary school," he said. 

"A much smaller one is required there, so we are focusing on that."

However, work is grinding to a halt at the Wellwood site as limits are reached.

Mr Miller said: "In Wellwood, we will have to stop building after 300 houses due to not having a school built."

He also explained that they were selling on one of the Wellwood development phases, due to little movement.

The cost of the schools could be up to £15 million.

He said: "Simply, Fife Council do not have the money to fund the school.

"We have offered to fund it through the development but nobody can find £15 million upfront cash out of nowhere.

"They have been hugely popular sites, there is no shortage of interest."

Fife Council have said discussions are ongoing.