KIDS in Cardenden and beyond were treated to a visit from Santa Claus and his elves.

A tour around the area culminated in a stop by the community garden in Bowhill.

Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty councillor Rosemary Liewald was delighted to be able to see the village of Cardenden have a little and much welcomed taste of Christmas with the return of Santa and his sleigh.

Santa and his elves have been regular visitors at this time of year in Cardenden in the past, delivering selection boxes to the four corners of the village.

However, last year his sleigh was sadly out of action.

Cllr Liewald remarked at this year’s change in fortunes, stating to the Times: “A brilliant and welcome return came around this year with the outstanding fundraising efforts of Linda Beveridge who along with James and Tracy Whyte, and Colin and Angie Waddle, were able to get the sleigh back on the road.

“I would also like to offer thanks for the contributions she received from the very many residents of this village and from ExxonMobil as its contribution assisted in making the event go with a sparkle.”

Councillor Liewald added her delight that some Christmas magic could take place: “Sadly Covid-19 has curtailed a great many indoor events this year, with a number of our families and children missing out on fetes and gatherings which normally happen at this time of year.

"However, with Santa and his sleigh riding through the streets, this was one event which was able to take place safely. I’m just delighted that a little Christmas magic did take place, and once again my thanks go to Linda and her team of volunteers.”