SIX motorists have been reported for dangerous driving after filming the aftermath of a crash on the A92 near the Cowdenbeath interchange earlier this month.

The Times previously told you that three vehicles were involved in an incident that left a 68-year-old woman and 61-year-old man requiring hospital treatment.

Fife Police Division had slammed seven drivers who travelled past the crash and filmed it on their mobile phones whilst those involved in the incident were still being treated by emergency services at the scene.

One van driver even had no hands on the wheel, police stated.

A statement at the time said: "Fife Road Policing attended this RTC on the A92 today (Wednesday); disappointingly seven drivers went past filming the scene on their mobile phones whilst the injured driver and passenger were present.

"One van driver even had no hands on the wheel and we issued him a conditional offer for 6 points on his licence and a £200 fine.

"The other six drivers can expect a letter and/or a knock on their door by us as its simply not acceptable and we have their details!

"It's dangerous, illegal and inconsiderate for the people involved in the RTC's so please consider that and keep your phones away."

Fife Police Division have now confirmed tonight (Thursday) that they delivered on their promise, stating that the six drivers mentioned previously have all now been reported for dangerous driving.

A statement said: "Fife Road Policing like delivering on our promises.

"On December 8 we highlighted a crash on the A92 where a number of drivers were seen driving past and filming it.

"We stated at the time that those drivers should 'expect letters and a knock on their door'.

"Despite some being evasive and Fife Jammer Locations (Facebook page) being sceptical we have now identified and traced them all, including one in Dumfriesshire.

"Six drivers have now been reported for Dangerous Driving to Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

"Likely not the Christmas present they wanted!

"Using your mobile phone to film at accidents puts yourself, other roads users and emergency services workers in unnecessary danger so please don't do it."

The Fife Road Policing team was then declared 'Hide and Seek champions' on the social media post.

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