A local primary school has heaped praise on its popular patrol officer.

Foulford Primary School has thanked Tom McPhillips for going 'above and beyond' in his role.

The 77-year-old has been with the school for nearly six years, and Sharon Clark, headteacher, praised him for all his efforts on behalf of the school's staff and pupils.

She commented: "Tom is the patrol officer, who supports our children and families to cross the road at the top of Leuchatsbeath Drive, Cowdenbeath, leading to Foulford Primary and Nursery.

"Tom took up this post after retiring from working as a maintenance support from a care home. He has been with us for almost six years now.

"Every year we receive positive feedback about Tom and his warm personality.

"He speaks to all of our children and families every day and always has time for everyone.

"At each end of term he decorates the area where he is located to lift everyone's spirits and gives them a cheerful send off.

"Tom goes above and beyond and supports school staff in ensuring that children arrive safely and are matched up with parents at the end of the day."