A CARDENDEN hairdresser has been touched by stories from homeless people that have received a Christmas treat at the salon.

As previously reported by the Times, Clare Mitchell, owner of Revive Salon, has opened up her business to those in need by offering free haircuts, hot drinks, and a listening ear for the homeless throughout December.

Looking back on the past few weeks, she said the offer has been a real success from people as young as 16 walking through the doors.

Clare said: “When people are coming in, they are so grateful and thankful and are spilling their heart out to you, so it helps a lot with mental health and stuff as well. It’s been really successful; I’ve had people from the age of 16 all the way up.

“I’ve had a lot of new clients as well because they think it’s a nice thing that I’m doing but I have a massive clientele and obviously any custom is good but it’s not like I’m doing it to boost my clientele.

“I am absolutely chock-a-block, so when they’re coming in, they’re waiting, getting a hot drink and a biscuit.

“I had one girl who let me take a before and after photo of her hair (pictured above) and it just looked amazing.

“It’s nothing I’ve ever done before, I just wanted people to feel like they have somebody, I probably would do it again twice or three times a year just for a month, it’s nice to put a smile on their faces.

She also noted how the venture has opened her eyes to what some people go through, without having anyone to speak to.

“Some of the stories you hear are really quite touching,” she said.

“Obviously, I’m not able to offer them a home or anything but just somewhere to come and know that they can have a blether.

“There is one client whose social worker phoned me to rebook her in and they will fund it because she has really enjoyed the experience.

“There’s not enough help out there, there could be way more, the stories I am hearing from young girls from the age of 16 to way up makes me feel like really in this day and age we should not be living like this, it’s crazy.

“Don’t be shy to speak up, it’s ok not to be ok.

“I’m crazy busy but still people are coming in and sitting and happy to have a chat with someone who cares.”

The scheme will continue until Christmas as a ‘treat’ for people who are struggling.

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