A DEDICATED fan who raised £25,000 for Cowdenbeath Football Club had her ashes dispersed at Central Park on Sunday.

Despite having health issues, Zoe Smith was committed to fundraising for the club and did so over the course of a decade through various challenges and activities.

Sadly, Zoe passed away earlier this year at the age of 36.

At the weekend, Zoe’s family and Cowden fans gathered at Central Park to see club chairman Donald Findlay respectfully disperse Zoe’s ashes at the High Street end's goalmouth.

The chairman recalled how Zoe, described as 'one in a million', had helped boost the Cowden coffers.

He stated: “One of the most remarkable financial contributions at Central Park in recent years was made by the absolutely indefatigable Zoe.

“Her amazing fund-raising activities, despite some major health concerns, have been second to none in helping the Cowdenbeath FC cause.

"Arduous challenges involving running, swimming, climbing have all been tackled by Zoe with real gusto. There is little she would shy away from tackling for a good cause.”

Zoe had three footballing loves – Rangers FC, the Scotland national team and Cowdenbeath FC – a team she came to late to due to her close friendship with Donald Findlay – dating back to his days at Ibrox. As far as football goes – Zoe had an all-consuming love of the game – she was a supporter who put the fan in fanatic. 

On Sunday, at Central Park, there was a brief informal ceremony in respect of the dispersal of Zoe's ashes to remember a popular lady who raised more than £25,000 for the club.