Santa Benarty and The Grinch will be out on the streets of Benarty with as many elves as they can muster for their Christmas foodbank appeal.

The pair will travel through the area looking to receive donations to help fill up the empty shelves at BRAG in Crosshill.

From around 10am to late afternoon on Saturday and Sunday, Santa and The Grinch, with volunteers, will be asking for collections as part of the appeal.

People can donate items such as: tinned food: meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, custard/rice pudding, tomatoes, soup, potatoes and more.

Local companies and businesses are also being encouraged to organise online raffles or buy some bulk food items that won't spoil over the festive season, such as vegetables to help make stovies and soup that can be frozen for Christmas.

Before Santa Benarty starts doing his great work in and around Benarty, the sleigh always gets a wee makeover and anything fixed that's not working as it should.

The people and businesses that sort that out are: 
Rab Ford - Electrics 
Gordon Mackie - Painting & Design 
Glenfield Auto Centre - Servicing & Repair
Next Gen Mickey Mac - Wash & Polish
Derek Davidson & Kev Mclean - The duty drivers this year again

Special thanks was also given to: Stewart Colqhoun, Duncan Reid and also all the elves and their mothers that make the Santa and Sleigh so special for everyone that comes out, for these kids do a "fantastic job in all weather".

Owen and Brenda Buchanan sponsor the Sleigh Ride and donate all the sweeties that are given out to all the children as the sleigh makes its way through the streets of Benarty.

A thanks was also given to all the volunteers who give up their time to make it all so memorable.