O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how underwhelming are your branches?

To say that this year's Kelty Christmas tree has been considered a disappointment by locals would be an understatement to say the least.

It has been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons since it was erected last week, and although Fife Council has said a replacement is on its way, the current tree - which could use a bit of sprucing up - at least has its first decoration.

While there are no signs of tinsel or festive adornments, an alternative to tradition at the top of the tree has been found.

If you went for a walk on Sunday to see it in all of its modest glory (ahem) beside the community centre, you would not have seen an angel or star perched at the crown.

Instead, you would have found a blue and yellow traffic cone.

For those of you fearing that a blue and yellow traffic cone is perhaps not the best decorative decision one could have made, have no fear.

This is not just any ordinary traffic cone. This is a broken, blue and yellow traffic cone.

Central Fife Times:

Big Trouble in Little Moscow as Lumphinnans tree not much better

Unfortunately, the tree in Kelty is not alone in being of the dispiriting variety.

The tree planted in Lumphinnans is also not as large in stature as many would have hoped for.

Residents in both areas have asked questions of Fife Council, and the local authority has responded.

Below: The tree in Lumphinnans (left) and the tree in Kelty (right).

Central Fife Times:

A tree isn't just for Christmas, it's for many Christmases

Fife Council community manager, Sarah Roxburgh, has outlined the current situation and explained the idea behind the trees.

She said: "We understand that Kelty's Christmas tree is a bit smaller than usual this year. However, we hope people appreciate that this is a new permanent tree for the community and will grow and thrive over time. Cutting down trees every year for Christmas is not environmentally friendly and that's why, along with local community councils we've decided our local Christmas tree should put down roots and become a permanent addition to our local environment.

"As a one off, this year a larger temporary tree will take pride of place in Kelty to allow time for our new permanent tree to grow a bit bigger for next year.

"We hope local people nurture Kelty's new permanent tree and that it will be focal point for Christmas celebrations over many years to come."

Cowdenbeath councillor Darren Watt added that Lumphinnans will also soon welcome a temporary tree.

Posting an update on Friday, he stated: "Over the last few days, Fife Council have provided local communities with their Christmas trees, however, some residents have been left disappointed.

"This year, it was agreed between Community Councils, Councillors and Fife Council, that where possible, Christmas trees would be planted.

"Not only would this be more cost effective, but would also be more environmentally friendly. Kelty and Lumphinnans Community Councils agreed.

"Hill of Beath had their tree planted a couple of years ago, Cowdenbeath's arrangements remain the same for now and Crossgates organise their own tree.

"Although the trees in Kelty and Lumphinnans will grow and thrive over time, they are rather underwhelming and it's little wonder local people are not impressed.

"Credit to our local community team at Fife Council.

"They have listened to the concerns and comments, and have agreed for temporary trees, approximately 20ft tall, to be situated in Kelty and Lumphinnans next to the permanent trees for this year only.

"It is hoped they will be in place sometime next week and in time for local festive events."

Here come the jokes...

The arrival of Kelty's tree, in particular, has caused a social media stir with locals left shaking their heads.

While many remain shocked and appalled, others see the funny side.

After a quick scroll through Facebook, here is just a brief selection of reactions:

"Looks like it's just done 15 rounds with Ivan Drago."

"Maybe they are quick-growing trees and will be bigger by Xmas..."

"I thought this was a joke to start with! Shocking to say the least."

"Is that for real?"

"Better trees up my loft... what a bloody embarrassment to our wee village."

"This is an insult to Kelty."

"I’ve seen bigger things growing on cheese..."

"That is one pathetic tree."

"It will be braw in the dark."

"Kelty must be on the naughty list!"