FIFE COUNCIL have denied claims that Christmas bashes have been banned for its school staff this year.

A reader had contacted the Times claiming that headteachers and senior management teams had been advised not to be involved in, or seen to advocate, Christmas staff nights out.

They said: "This goes against Scottish Government guidance and seems to go against basic freedom of their staff. All other sectors are enjoying staff Christmas nights out as we haven't been able to meet since last March.

"This has been relayed to staff from headteachers."

However, the accusation was refuted by Fife Council, who said employees were free to enjoy festive get-togethers.

Head of education Shelagh McLean said: "As party season approaches, our staff are free to organise or attend Christmas nights out in their free time if they wish to.

"Anything organised for pupils will be in line with the risk assessments that are in place for each school."