Unvaccinated people in Fife are much more "severely ill" if they catch coronavirus than people who are jabbed, a health chief has warned.

Dr Chris McKenna, NHS Fife medical director who also on takes on shifts on the hospital frontline, explained that those who haven't received a dose have needed much higher levels of care.

As Covid cases have gone up in recent weeks, more people have needed hospital treatment.

Around a third of those patients were unvaccinated and the remaining two thirds were jabbed and not as badly affected.

"We are now seeing a game of two halves," said Dr McKenna.

"People are attending who have been vaccinated as well as those people who haven't been vaccinated.

"We are seeing that illness is significantly more serious in those patients that have not been vaccinated.

"Many of those people require higher levels of care and we're having to maintain two intensive care units at a time."