LUMPHINNANS is aiming to be bright and beautiful thanks to the primary school and the community council.

Boys from P5 teamed up with Jim Martin to tidy up the planters in the playground and they'll soon be blooming with flowers after placing new bulbs in the soil with flowers.

Headteacher Ailsa Swankie said: "We work really closely with the community council, they're very supportive of the school, so they had kindly offered to come and help the children with clearing out the planters for winter.

"The kids really enjoyed it.

"The community council have been gifted bulbs by B&Q and suggested we use them for the planters.

"We're still looking for more donations of plants and bulbs so if any group or business wants to help that would be brilliant.

"It's good to be working together to make the village the best it can be."

And it's been equally colourful in P6 with pupils indulging their inner Banksy, creating portraits, name tags and backgrounds in his graffiti style.

Teacher Danielle Falconer explained: "In class we have been focusing on famous artists.

"We have looked at many from past years and felt Banksy was someone a little more modern that the children found interesting and so we have focused some of our artwork around graffiti art and portrait just like Banksy."

They've also been exploring the great outdoors and building dens.

She added: "Primary 6 have recently signed up to complete the John Muir Award for outdoor learning.

"Due to this we have been spending part of our learning each week outdoors in our woodland area.

"The children love to spend time out here and over the past few weeks have been familiarising themselves with the items on the ground which they could use to make things.

"This is where our den building idea came from – using natural materials to create a space that can keep you dry from rain and shaded from wind."